The Institute for Economic Research on Innovation (IERI) is located in the Faculty of Economics and Finance of Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). IERI operates as a full academic Department of the Faculty. The full-time academic personnel of IERI are employees of TUT, a Public Higher Education Institution established by statute in South Africa. IERI staff members participate in all the various committees of the Faculty and are also members of the Faculty Board. IERI is also responsible for managing the Faculty's Research and Innovation Focus Area titled: "The Political Economy of Innovation and Local Development."

As a networked competency, IERI's total staff capacity comprises a small core of full-time academics and administrators who work with a formal network of selected research associates. The research associates of IERI are organized in categories that reflect the status accorded to them by TUT. The capabilities of all members of the IERI collective are reflected in their range of experience, academic qualifications and developmental orientation.

The current full-time staff of the IERI collective comprises the following core people:

Name Post Qualification Summary
Rasigan Maharajh Chief Director BA (University of KwaZulu-Natal), BA Honours (University of KwaZulu-Natal), Certificate: Education Policy Analysis (Harvard University), Senior Executive Program for Southern Africa (Harvard Business School), PhD (Lund University).
Erika Kraemer-Mbula Research Fellow & Senior Lecturer B. Econ (University of Cantabria), MSc. (University of Sussex), PhD (University of Oxford)
Lindile Ndabeni Research Fellow & Senior Lecturer BA Education (University of Witwatersrand), MSc Development Planning (University of Witwatersrand), Certificate: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (University of South Africa), PhD (University of Witwatersrand),
Mario Scerri Senior Research Fellow & Professor of Economics BA Honours (Malta) MA Economics (University of New Orleans), PhD (University of Witwatersrand).
Lucas Madia Senior Administrator
National Diploma: Commercial Administration (TNW), BTech (Tshwane University of Technology)

Professors Extraordinaire

Professors Extraordinaire are formally granted this status by the Council of TUT and work on the teaching, learning, research and community engagement activities of IERI. The following people were accorded this status:

Name Term of Appointment
Hans Binswanger-Mkhize 2007 - 2010
Amitav Rath 2008 - 2011
Michael Kahn 2008 - 2011
Susan Cozzens
2008 - 2011
Fred Gault
2009 -
Claes Brundenius 2013 -

Associate Research Fellows

IERI has bestowed the status of Associate Research Fellows upon a selected group of academic scholars and activists. As Associate Research Fellows, the following people have worked with IERI on specific projects, developed wider learning programmes, and actively engaged in expanding the knowledge boundaries of the fields of political economy, science, technology and innovation studies.

Name Appointment Year
Marcia da Mota Daros 2004
Rajen Govender
Enver Motala
Erika Kraemer-Mbula
Temba Masilela
2007 & supported by a MoU with the HSRC
Frank Teng-Zeng
Wangeci Karuri-Sebina
Sanya Osha
2009 & SARChI Research Fellow
Anga Baskaran (Bas)

2010 & SARChI Senior Research Fellow

Shawn Cunningham 2010
Thomas Pogue 2010
Na-Allah Abdelrasaq Al-Suyuti 2011
Radhika Perrot 2011
Burcu Kiliç 2011
Kamoji Wachiira 2011
Astrid Szogs 2011
Opeyemi Eyitayo Ayinde 2012
Reinhart Kössler 2012
Kimani Nehusi 2012

Visiting Scholars

IERI also provides research accommodation to international scholars. Since its launch, IERI has hosted the following Visiting Scholars. Visiting Scholars have helped in developing the research agenda of IERI, contributed to research outputs and helped build institutional networks, collaboration and partnerships.

Name Affiliation Status
Meheret Ayenew Visiting Professor (University of Addis Ababa) 2004-2005
Dave de Groot Visiting Researcher (World Bank Institute) 2006
Prasada Reddy Visiting Professor (University of Oslo) 2007
Bruno Dallago Erasmus Mundus Scholar (Università di Trento) 2007, 2008, 2009
Italo Trevisan Erasmus Mundus Scholar (Università di Trento) 2007, 2008, 2009
Lassi Linnanen Visiting Professor (Helsinki University of Technology) 2008
Peter Futo Erasmus Mundus Scholar (Corvinus University) 2009
Andreas Stamm Visiting Researcher (German Development Institute) 2009
Claes Brundenius Visiting Professor (Lund University) 2009, 2010, 2011
Oscar Fernandez Visiting Professor (University of Havana) 2011
Ricardo Perez  Visiting Researcher (Centre for the Study of the Cuban Economy) 2011
Richard Mungla Visiting Professor (St. Thomas University) 2012

Doctoral Candidates

Student Name
Degree Faculty
Chipo Nyamwena DTech Management Sciences Business School
John Byamukama DTech Management Sciences Business School
Lukovi H.M. Seke DTech Engineering Civil Engineering
Manager Muswaba DTech Management Sciences Business School
Mulatu Zerihun
Management Sciences
Business School
Silas K. Mulaudzi
Engineering Civil Engineering
Yohannes Worku
Civil Engineering

Interns & Temporary Appointments

Name Affiliation Status
Joshua Koopedi Public Sector Finance (TUT) 2004
Nontando Qomoyi Public Sector Finance (TUT) 2004
Siyabonya Kohli Public Sector Finance (TUT) 2004
Beveley Brown
Project Manager: GLOBELICS Annual Conference
Beverley Anne Barry
APRM Facilitation and Reporting
Collins Makhado APRM Facilitation and Reporting 2006
David Dickens APRM Facilitation and Reporting 2006
Fasiegha Arendse APRM Facilitation and Reporting 2006
Fuad Waggie APRM Facilitation and Reporting 2006
Hlengiwe Sehlapelo APRM Facilitation and Reporting 2006
Jill Wellbeloved APRM Facilitation and Reporting 2006
Shamima Vawda APRM Facilitation and Reporting 2006
Thumida Maistry APRM Facilitation and Reporting 2006
Sylvia Mabitsela BTech (TUT) 2007
Jordan Lelethu BTech (TUT) 2007
Wang Lei BTech (TUT) 2007
Morobane Lebakeng BTech (TUT) 2007
Manuel Victoriano BTech (TUT) 2007
Vassil Genchev Erasmus Mundus 2008
Salomon Theinert SAMP 2009