International workshop: contemporary perspectives on innovation, development and multiculturalism

14 July 2015


Buenos Aires, Argentina

14th – 15th July 2015


This workshop emerged from a perceived urgency to rethink contemporary perspectives of development in ways that are relevant for developing countries within the current global interconnected landscape. It discussed the multiple dimensions of an interconnected, synergistic model of development, concluding that the current information age, together with issues of social inclusion, environmental sustainability, conflict and power relations are crucial to think innovatively in the field of development.  This approach prioritises human development as a multidimensional central goal in connection to issues related to dignity, autonomy, as well as innovation and social participation.

The discussions were guided by the evidence gathered on 11 Latin American countries (Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua and México); as well as the ongoing research in Africa by SciSTIP, coordinated by Erika Kraemer-Mbula (IERI).


The workshop took place in Buenos Aires (Argentina). It was opened by the Vice-chancellor of the National University of San Martin (UNSAM) (Dr. Carlos Ruta) and directed by Prof. Fernando Calderón. The presentations by Dr. Erika Kraemer-Mbula (IERI, SciSTIP) and Prof. Nico Cloete (CHET, SciSTIP) opened fruitful discussions about future research collaborations between Latin America and Africa.

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