doctoral workshop

An investigation of the solar energy technology production in South Africa

Silas K Mulaudzi
  • Energy is the nucleus of any development in the world
  • Every development owes its being to energy
  • If the world’s economy expands to meet the aspirations of countries around the globe, energy demand is likely to increase
  • Because of that energy is considered as the life-blood of every development in the world

Analysis of the role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in climate change awareness in Seke and Murewa districts of Zimbabwe

Shakespear Mudombi
  • For meaningful adaptation to and mitigation of climate change,
    • Information and knowledge - essential
  • If rural households, communities have access to information,
    • it will enhance their awareness; adaptation and mitigation capacity
  • How do we enhance climate change awareness?
  • There are various ways in which technologies both old and new can help in reducing the negative effects of climate change.

A case study of SADC economic development challenges through the South Africa's space programme

LHM Seke
  • "Africa is very poorly represented in the space science. Space technology is advancing at an increasing pace, yet most African countries lack the human, technical and financial resources to utilise existing space-based infrastructure for even the most basic applications in meteorology, communications and natural resource management". (NEPAD, 2006:45).
  • Funds invested on the continent could be spent rationally with positive long-run effect if satellite-based data are used (Rowland et al., 2007).

Analysis of factors that affect the long-term survival of small businesses in Pretoria

Paul Marivate
  1. Introduction Theoretical Frame work
  2. Rationale for the Study
    1. Objectives of the Study
    2. Research Methodology
    3. Data gathering and Administration
  3. Focus Group Comments and Recommendations
  4. Conclusion

Socio-Economic Methodologies in Agroforestry Technology Adoption

Mulatu F Zerihun
  1. Introduction
    1. Socioeconomic Methodologies in AF Technology Adoption
    2. Methodologies in Economic Analysis of AF
    3. Methodologies in Environmental Analysis of AF
    4. Methodologies in Household Constraints and Adoption of AF
    5. Methodologies in Macroeconomic and Institutional Analysis of AF
  2. Selected Methodologies in this Study and their Limitations
  3. Conclusions

Effective public participation in environmental decision-making: a prerequisite for sustainable environmental management

Maxwell Kwame Boakye
  • Participation literature includes a plethora of undefined terms due to different value systems or mental models which has given it a variety of meanings based on ones values.
  • Degree: Involvement, Influence, Control decision-making process
  • All these should lead to facilitation of communication and engagement of citizens in problem solving

An investigation into the relationship between good corporate governance and corporate sustainability: the case of public further education and training colleges in Gauteng province of South Africa

Manager M Muswaba

Outline of the oral presentation:

  • Introduction and background of study
  • Research problem
  • Research objectives
  • Methods and materials
  • Results of study
  • Recommendations
  • Limitations of study

Barriers Towards the Development of Emerging Contractors in the Limpopo Province

Lawrence Tshivhase

Outline of oral presentation:

  • Introduction and background of study
  • Objectives of study and research questions
  • Literature review
  • Construction Industry Development Board
  • Study design, sample size and sampling techniques
  • Results of data analysis
  • Recommendations

Socioeconomic challenges of black entrepreneurs in Gauteng Tourism: An investigative approach

John Berchmans Byamukama
  • Tourism targeted as one of the key sectoral drivers for economic development and transformation in South Africa
    • Rogerson, 2004
    • Tosun, 2002
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    • Rivette-Carnac, 2006).
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