Bridging The Digital Divide: Innovation Systems for ICT in Brazil, China, India, Thailand and Southern Africa

Angathevar Baskaran and Mammo Muchie
London: Adonis and Abbey Publishers
1-905068-15-8, ISBN 13: 978-1905068159, 978-1905068807

“The impressive advances of information and communication technologies (ICT) in some Asian countries have led some people to proclaim a fundamental change in the world economy. It is essential still to study the experience of developing countries thoroughly and critically. The authors and editors have made an admirable contribution to make such an evaluation and fill a big gap in our knowledge. But it is still relatively difficult to find reliable information about the changes taking place in China or any other developing country. One of the many good features of this evaluation is that it takes into account the specific relationship of ICT with the wider social and economic system and the national system of innovation of each country.”

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