Crisis's, Science, Technology, Innovation and Development

Rasigan Maharajh

"This realignment of the world economy is not a transitory phenomenon, but represents a structural change of historical significance" (OECD, 2010).

Global Geo-Political Regime Transformation 
- Market Dogma & Neo-liberalismNew Public Management 
- Cutting of direct public sector costs and disciplining staff to improve resource use 
- Borrowing and use of private sector management practices and techniques 
- Introduction of competition in the public sector 
- Disaggregation and decentralisation of government and the public sector 
- Controls shifted from inputs to outputs to stress results rather than procedure or outcomes 
- Predatory Elites or Benevolent Reformers 
- International Solidarity or Humanitarianism (Amin, 2010) 
Global Citizenship!

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