The Emergence of Systems of Innovation in South(ern) Africa: Long Histories and Current Debates

Mario Scerri (editor)
Johannesburg: MISTRA and Real African Publishers

The book is highly original in taking a long historical perspective starting with the Stone Age and ending with current challenges from a globalizing economy. The integration of the innovation system concept in a specific political economy discourse is original and offers interesting insights. The book gives observers a good understanding of why the current South African innovation system looks as it does and of the main challenges ahead. — Bengt-Åke Lundvall, Aalborg University

 This collection of essays on the South African National System of Innovation by African scholars represents an important theoretical and analytical contribution to the understanding of the complex interactions between innovation and development and how developing countries are being inserted into the presented financial-dominated globalisation process. — José E Cassiolato, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

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