Evidence-based Policy Research: The Role of Knowledge in Policy

Rasigan Maharajh
  • Evidence-based policy research
    • shaping policy from a scientific assessment of phenomena through testing hypothetical explanations of natural and social facts and systems
    • Theory from facts...
  • Key issues
    • Question, evidence, interpretation
    • Uncertainty & probability
    • Methodological rigour
    • Stakeholder sentiment
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Learning and Knowledge Utilisation for Sustainable Change

Rasigan Maharajh
  • Context 1
    • At all times, communities should be informed of steps taken to address whatever challenges confront them and on process.
    • Partnerships should be formed so that the resolution of the problems becomes a collective effort of government and communities
    Thabo Mbeki - NCoP - (2004)
  • Challenges of Local Governance
    • Local government is a critical player in the government supply chain
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Combining and Constructing a Research, Knowledge and Training African Area

Mammo Muchie

Central to the peculiarities of the evolution of modern higher education, research and knowledge in Africa, is the lack of indigenous authenticity and identity. This is in spite of historical records which show that, before Africa’s subjection to the colonial technology of rule, there were recorded histories of indigenous higher learning in Timbuktu and other parts of Africa.

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